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701 Connecting to your Raspberry Pi from your Mac using AFS

I like to code my raspberry pi using Visual Studio Code, and running that on the Pi is not as nice as running it on the Mac.  Also as an ordinary programmer that uses Google for almost every line of code, using the Pi for both is not fun at all.

I found this excellent service called netatalk that you install on your Pi, which is visible in the finder of the Mac.  Here are the instructions to install the service.

  1. Login via SSH or the terminal app on the pi.
  2. Update your pi
    update sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
  3. install netatalk
    sudo apt-get install netatalk
  4. Get the IP address of your Pi.
    if a
    if a
  5. Connect to your Pi from the Mac
    Start Finder
    Press command+K
    Enter afp:// or whatever IP address you received from step 4
  6. Enter Pi for the Username and the password you use on your Pi.


  • By default, it connects to the home folder, which in most cases, is perfect.
  • You must edit the AppleVolumes.default file to connect to different folders.  At the bottom is where you add your path and share your name.
    sudo nano /etc/netatalk/AppleVolumes.default